From: Yemen
Graduated: 2009
University: LSE
Course: MSc  Comparative Politics

On his return to Yemen after graduating from the London School of Economics (LSE) in 2009 with an MSc Degree in Comparative Politics, Farouk was successful in gaining employment with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in Sana’a and worked as IFAD Country Program Assistant for Yemen.

Since February 2018, Farouk is National Project Coordinator for Yemen within the United Nations Development Program. The main objective of the programme, is to build community resilience and restore livelihood to those people who were affected by the current crisis. The project trains and supports health cadres, small scale farmers, and national micro-finance firms.

He has recently written an article about Walya Al Jabri, A Woman Conquering Male Business in Yemen, published by ILEIA, the Centre for Learning on Sustainable Agriculture.

His many other articles include:
Mathbah, the Altar of Protesters: History Repeats Itself
Election Crisis in Yemen: what is wrong with right?
Friends of Yemen: Rethinking the Name?

Farouk enjoys the following hobbies: writing poetry and short stories, singing and hiking.