From: Libya

Graduated: 2013
University: University of Bath
Course: MSc in Digital Communications 


PhD Engineering Management, University of York, United Kingdom (Feb 2015 - Present)

  • Research field: Qualitative case-based research to study, in-depth, areas of innovation, technology, and operations management.

MSc Innovation & Technology Management (ITM), University of Bath, United Kingdom (Sep 2013 - Sep 2014)

  • Dissertation project: Systematic Innovation: Factors Affecting TRIZ Adoption in The Context of Users with Limited Experience. TRIZ: A Russian term translated as “Theory of Inventive Problem Solving”; interviewing 13 TRIZ users (professionals, MSc, PhD) from University of Bath & Politecnico di Milano. The study received a positive feedback from innovation consultants in the UK.

MSc Digital Communications, University of Bath, United Kingdom (Sep 2012 – Sep 2013)

  • Dissertation Project: Computer-Assisted Recognition of Cetaceans in Sea-Surface Images. Supported by Seiche Measurements Ltd. The project investigated various techniques to recognise marine mammals on the sea-surface.

BEng (Hons) Electronic & Communications Engineering, University of Bath, United Kingdom (Sep 2009 - June 2012)

  • Dissertation Project: Using Adaptive Filters to Correct LORAN Signals. The Project focussed on using adaptive filter techniques to separate sky wave and ground wave in LORAN signals (Long Range Navigation).

Academic Awards & Achievements

  • Awarded the Student of the Year, voted by classmates during Master’s in Innovation & Technology Management (2013-14).
  • Winner of the Academic Representative Outstanding Contribution Award by the University Student Union (2013-14).
  • The University of Bath, School of Management Academic Representative of the Year (2013-14).
  • Winner of the Academic Representative of the Year in the Electronic and Electrical Engineering Department (2012-13).
  • Received a Scholarship from the City of Bath College for Excellence Achievements (2008-09)

Work Experience & Internships

Graduate Teaching Assistant, & Writing Tutor, University of York (Oct 2015 - Present)

  • Teaching assistant and seminar helper for ‘Operations & Project Management’ Module for MSc students (running simulations demonstrating production line; push vs pull). Delivered at the York Management School.
  • Writing Tutor at York Management School: Module 'Understanding the Context of Business' delivered for first-year students.
  • Teaching Assistant at the Department of Electronics: module 'Strategic Management' delivered for final year undergraduate MEng students, leading lectures with discussing / seminar style reflecting on case studies of Google, IBM, and 3M.

Epos & Commercial Operations Assistant, University of Bath - Finance (Nov 2014 - Jan 2015)

  • Assisting operations at some of the main retail stores on campus which form part of The Co-Operative Group that involved looking at finance as well as IT functions.
  • Finance: calculating costing, margins, etc. With recommendation on multi-buy deals and promotional offers with regards to data from the Co-Operative Group.
  • IT: updating prices on EPOS (Electronic Point of Sales) for the actual retailers.

Summer Intern, Schlumberger, Tajura base, Libya (July 2010 - Aug 2010)

  • Full-time trainee in Drilling & Measurements (D&M) segment at one of the world’s leading oil services companies.
  • Accomplished daily tasks included: assembling electronic devices and circuits, software installation, testing and checking offshore units and tool boxes. All of which were handled individually or under a supervision of a field engineer mentor.
  • Developed both technical and communication skills via delivering a presentation on “Azimuthal Density Neutron” (ADN) to the company's recruitment manager as well as the site field engineers and field services manager.


  •  SAMM: Sustainable Active Menu Management (June 2014)
    Worked on a startup idea within a group of 4; the business model was designed for the restaurant industry to deliver cost reduction of food waste that helped the economy as well as the environment through a smart adaptive menu. The idea received the best project presentation by entrepreneurs and professors from SKEMA business school in Sophia Antipolis France.

  • Oomph - coffee bags! (March 2014)
    Worked within a group of 5 members on a start-up business idea illustrating position innovation for putting fresh coffee into biodegradable bags similar to tea bags; presentation obtained distinction during commercialisation module at the university.

  • Low Cost Baby Incubator (Nov 2013)
    The top performer in a team of 5 to consult with a medical engineer from Mexico about creating a non-profit baby incubator; we had to consider market research, a route to that market, fundraising, design, and patents; received a merit grade.

  • Lunar Robot (March – May 2013)
    Involved in a group project of 4 with the Mechanical Engineering Department to design a “lunar robot”. My role was tackling and challenging the issues of communications on the moon. The outcome was described as successful with an overall merit.

  • Programming (Sep 2009 – Sep 2013)
    Good working knowledge of the MATLAB package for signal/image processing. This includes writing codes and programming for university course-works such as designing digital filters, signal processing analysis, simulations and edge detections for medical & synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images. Two dissertation-project were executed successfully using MATLAB.

  • Ultimate Shocking System; Group Design and Business Project GDBP (Feb – April 2012)
    Led a team of 6 as a PM tasked with designing an ‘ultimate shocking system’, an electronic product that emits a range of sounds to scare harmful animals when they come close to unwanted regions. My responsibilities included weekly meetings to ensure milestones and objectives are met; also worked closely with the product manager to produce the final documentation.

  • The Electrical Mouse Race (Feb – April 2011)
    A colleague and I developed a battery-powered vehicle; performed well in finishing “The Mouse Race” during 2nd year BEng.

Positions of Responsibility, Achievements & Skills

Rewards & Recognitions

  • Received the University of Bath, School of Management, MSc Dean's Award (2013-14).
  • Global Skills Award, in recognition of skills enhancement and extra-curricular achievements at the University of Bath (2013-14).

Networking, Representations and Public Speaking

  • Presented public talk for the TEDx University of York, mini conference, entitled: Journeys (Nov 2015).
  • University of Bath student ambassador representing the University during open days (Sep 2013) & (Sep 2014).
  • Usher at the University of Bath summer graduation ceremonies at the Bath Abbey (July 2014).

Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Commercialisations

  • Sponsorship Director at the University of York Futsal Club (May 2016 – Present)
  • Best start-up presentation during an international study tour to SKEMA Business School in Sophia Antipolis, France (June 2014).
  • Successfully completed Future Business Challenge and came in 3rd place; visiting Ted Baker London Headquarters (Feb 2014).
  • Co-founded with a colleague student events brand named SMB, bringing famous artists to our sell-out events, allowing me to gain entrepreneurship skills during my studies (2011-12).


  • Ran the BATH Half Marathon for SWALLOW, a charity who support people with learning disabilities (March 2014).
  • Participated in Diversity fashion show, a charity for UN WFP-world food programme targeting Syrian refugees (Nov 2013).


  • Football Captain for Research Students/Staff within the Department of Electronics, at the University of York (Feb 2016- Present).
  • Member and regular player at the squad for the University of York Futsal Club, Goalkeeper (Sep 2015- Present).
  • Playing football for the Afro-Caribbean student society at the university, first Goalkeeper (2009-10).


  • English: professional and working proficiency, Arabic: Native/bilingual proficiency