The MBI Alumni boasts a range of talented tourism and hospitality professionals, who are today working to bring the world closer together through shared cultural understanding and experiences.

Jad Harb, a member of our alumni from Lebanon was awarded an MBI Al Jaber Foundation Scholarship in 2007, which allowed him to further his education in the field of Hospitality, the forte of MODUL University. Specifically, he decided to pursue a BBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management. Jad stated so in his scholarship application that he would study Tourism and Hospitality i ...

Mohammed left Modul University with a distinction in his BA degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management. He was appointed cabinet member for the Ministry of Tourism, responsible for giving advice and brand innovation ideas, market research and marketing strategy. Previously he was Assistant Director of Public Relations at the Egyptian Tourism Authority where he was responsible ...

After graduating From MODUL University in Vienna with an MBA in Publicity, Governance and Management, Mahmoud worked as an Administrative Officer for the Islamic University of Gaza.

Yamina graduated from MODUL University in 2012 with an MBA in Publicity, Governance and Management. Her dissertation focussed on climate change response measures and vulnerability assessment in South Africa.

Qassem graduated from MODUL University with a MBA in Tourism & Hospitality Management. Whilst studying at MODUL, Qassem was a helpful and responsible scholarship recipient, helping with liaison between the University and the MBI Al Jaber Foundation.

Riad graduated from MODUL University with an MBA in Tourism Management in 2011. His dissertation focussed on ‘Guiding Strategies for Sustainability Development of Tourism Destinations in European Cities’.

Stephanie graduated from MODUL with a BBA in Tourism & Hospitality Management in 2010. For her dissertation, she chose the subject of Media in Tourism, focussing specifically on the ‘Case of South-East Asian Islands’.

Monette completed her MA in Tourism Management at the University of Westminster in 2001 and was awarded a Merit. She is now working as a Project Manager in Heritage Management for the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage.